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Dear clinics,

This year has been very exciting for us. We have grown tremendously with traffic surging 360% YoY to almost 50K visitors per month, and we reached 100+ GCR accredited clinics around the world, and just last month we have won two awards for social impact, so we are uplifted by the future that is ahead of us.

Right now we are rating over almost 500K clinics across 16 specialisations and aggregating over 3.7M patient reviews, We have visited over 30+ countries and are continuously collecting best practices from around the world to help you grow further.

Given the speed of the growth, we would love to kindly ask you for your help & support, so we can make this vision of transparent healthcare even more successful. Our utmost priority is to ensure quality of data, so patients can have always full trust in the information they see. We have launched a new feature on clinic profile where any patient, doctor or clinic owner can let us know if something not up-to-date/or not fully accurate.

In the past 6 months, we had just a single suggestion from a clinic, so probably not many of you knew about this, but now that you better visibility into this, please don’t hesitate to submit your suggestions and we will address them shortly.

Let us know if you have any questions.



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